lunedì 14 giugno 2010



Thollem Mc Donas - pianoforte

Thollem McDonas is part of that american tradition of incredibly skilled musicians, with a deep knowledge of the music of many countries, always ready to start and travel to bring his music everywhere in the world.
This mindset brought him to play, besides in every State of the USA, also in Mexico, Argentina, Czech Republic, China, France, Italy, Croatia, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, and in many other lands.
Funambolist of the 88 keys, able to explore the most secluted gorges of the contemporary classical music as to enlight the audience with jazz or to hollow the deepest meaning of serialism and minimalism making it as intriguing and passionate as world music, each concert he plays it’s a physical, sonic and mental experience, unique and unrepeatable

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