lunedì 14 giugno 2010


(Germany, Italy)

WJ Meatball - cdjs, jp set
JD Zazie - turntables

The freeform Cut' n Roll duo was born in Florence at the end of the 90's at the Soul Limbo Studio based in C.P.A. Fi-Sud. From that improvised, freeform/rock and electronic music scene, they developed their technique manipolating sound using basically dj tools.
Collaborations with Brynja Cortes Andrésdóttir (cello), CCMonkey (violin), Edoardo Ricci (wind instruments) and Letizia Renzini (electronics) have been occasions to deveope their language into electro-acoustic and electronic music.
In 2009, after a break of three years and a half, the project Semerssuaq started again.

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