lunedì 14 giugno 2010



Live set of cinevisual and music improvisation on hand-made short films and direct life on stage

Tuia Cherici works on video using different technics (stop motion, collages, animation with liquids) creating a very rich content of strong images, and an easy tool to describe facts and emotions.
Manucinema starts when video meets music in the direct way of improvisation, and the projection assume an own unrpeatable life through different optical happenings (lense distorsions, colours games, hand made lights effects, ecc)
Nowadays Tuia uses to perform Manucinema in a deep collaboration with music improvisers, who normally see the video for the first time just right on the live performance.
There's no accepted hierarchy between music and the videoprojection! Both communicate with each other following faithfully the instinct of the immediate present.

4.11.10 Axel Dörner vs Mat Pogo + Brainmachine + Manucinema in "Raum 20" Berlin
26.11.10 Festival Poesia Civile di Vercelli premio "L'occhio insonne" - Italy- Vercelli

04.12.10 MANUCINEMA with Roberto Fega

in "Ida Nowhere" bERLIN

28.10.10 :with Thollem McDonas in Cafe “SoWieSo” h 21:30

Weisestrasse Berlin (Neukölln)

20/21.08.10: Festival di Cinema Indipendente Corciano (PG) with Roberta Andreucci

16.07.10: Certaldo “Mercantia” festival: Vivo Totale! With Matteo Bennici

13.05.10: EX FILA Firenze: Nomadica festival

16.05.10 : with ELIRUDYZULI Teatro di Rifredi - Firenze (projection on air tissue)

16.05.10 : Nomadica Festival - Modo Infoshop Bologna

5.12.09 : GINGER ZONE - Scandicci (FI) P.zza Togliatti with Matteo Bennici

15.10.09 Roma - Fish Eye Festival with Matteo Bennici e Renato Ciunfrini

25.09.09 - QUADat: FAF - Firenze

26.09.09 "Handle with care" photo/music installation with Elisabetta Senesi

Palazzo Re Rebaudengo, Piazza del Municipio, Guarene Alba (CN).

10.04.09 -SLEBEST (Spazio liberato Ex Breda Est) - Pistoia : w. Andreucci +E.Ricci

12.04.09 - Cinema Spazio Uno, Via del Sole, Firenze- rassegna di Cinema Invisibile

08.04.09 SPAM! Loc. Lammari, Capannori, Lucca w.Marina Moulopulos

09/04/09 Chiesa dei Barnabiti, Firenze w. Ricci, Tomasi, Baldini, Andreucci, Sanna

31/03 /09Libreria La Cite, Firenze w. Ricci, Andreucci

06/03/09 Studio 149 Pisa w. Eugenio Sanna

05/03/09 Universita di Siena- Seminario su Manucinema

12/02/09 Arezzo Libreria "Leggere"from Scratch w. Francesco Fuca and Paolo Mariani

19/9/08 ExFila, Firenze w. Roberta Andreucci and Edoardo Ricci

11/6/08 Trento, Italy Teatro delle Garberie movie projections

11/5/08 Firenze, Italy Il Melograno w. Mat Pogo and Roberta Andreucci

10/3/08 Firenze, Italy Csa Ex Emerson projections

9/29/08 France, Brive la Gaillarde Musee LaBenche Debussy Project”

2/10 /08 FirenzeNexTEmerson w. NEEM

8/7/08 Bologna,”Lhubrificio” w. Patrizia Oliva and Edoardo Ricci

8/1/08 Roma, Italy “csoa Ex Lavanderia” w. Eugenio Sanna Mike Cooper

7/26/08 Schio - Vicenza "Azioni Inclementi" w. Stefano Giust and Patrizia Oliva

6/21/08Firenze, Studio Luce (Notte Bianca fiorentina) w. Eugenio Sanna

6/16/08 Firenze, Ospitale delle Rifiorenze w. Francesco Fuca and Paolo Mariani

6/6/08 Cascina (Pisa), studio 149 di Lorena Sireno w. E.Sanna and E.Ricci

5/30/08 Firenze, Chiesa dei Barnabiti w Edoardo Ricci Stefano Bartoli

3/29/08 Pisa, Newroz w. Eugenio Sanna


Firenze, Cafe Libreria La Cite w. Eugenio Sanna

12/20/07Firenze, cpa fisud w. Caprara Ricci Sanna Bennici

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