lunedì 14 giugno 2010


(Usa, Italy)

Jacopo Andreini – alto sax, voice, percussions
Scott Rosenberg – sopranino sax, flute, tenor sax, contrabass clarinet
Arrington De Dionyso – bass clarinet, voice, objects

This nomads met many times in the last 8 years. Togheter they played in Seattle, Milano, San Diego, Roma, Portland, Vigevano, Olympia, Ferrara, San Francisco, Pescara, Los Angeles, Lecce and dozens of other places without a name (nuclear shelter, toxic waste beach, farms, theaters, squats, loft, art galleries, rivers...) Every time the interlacement of muscles and breath produces spasms and squirms, tensions and scratches, melodies and trance. Improvisation in its deepest meaning, a dialogue exploiting all their knowledge to talk about something new. Absolutely acustical, a trio able to dig the ground with breath and to excite with very extreme dynamics.

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