lunedì 14 giugno 2010


(Italy, Germany)

WJ Meatball - JP set
Mat Pogo - voice, cds
Edoardo Ricci - wind instruments
Jimmy Gelli - electronics
Jacopo Andreini - percussions
Andrea Caprara - bass
Stefano Bartolini - reeds
Nicotina - electric guitar
Niccolò Gallio - trombone
Eugenio Sanna - electric guitar

Originally from Firenze (but now spread over two continents) since 1995 this ensemble rapes its influences ranging from most radical free music (jazz and beyond), muddy avant-rock, diagonally disturbed and grudgy electronic music handling heretic cut-ups, fanfarish sabbah of muscolar percussions, situationist's tragedy, blunts of songs, banzai-noise collage, tearing apart reeds, laptop and cd players on fire, istrionic vocal manipulations. The mutant project expresses with lucid delirium and destructured clarity the synthesis between creative abstraction, expressive urge, avantgarde crazyness, theatre and punk soul.

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