martedì 20 settembre 2011


Ciao a tutti! Hello! Salut! Bem vindos!
Afoforomusicclub and its bands never rest... a bunch of things happened in the last weeks:
SQUARCICATRICI played at Circolo Aurora, Firenze and Magnolia Parade in Milan. There's three live clips from the lattest, in psychic odor-o-rama on
SHASH JIHAT played 6 shows in 8 days and got a bunch of videos made by Carlo Mazzotta / ACMELab crew from Copertino
ANARCORURAL AGROFREEJAZZ BAND will play at 5a Vetrina dell'editoria Anarchica e Libertaria in Firenze at SashHall on october 9th. Same night as Alessio Lega, Stefano Giaccone and many many more from october 7th to 9th, free entry.

more news, images and audio soon, stay tuned
and don't forget to visit burp enterprise site for a huge load of videos, audio, pictures, news and informations!

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