domenica 7 agosto 2011


SQUARCICATRICI is actually working on the recordings made at La Scighera, Milano (thanks to Paolo Casati) to release a 6 tracks live EP. They have been invited to play at Magnolia Parade in Milan to share the stage with The Ex & Brass Unbound, LCD Soundsystem, UNKLE and many more on september 3rd, 2011, and they have planned to record the new album during fall 2011. A longer appetizer gig will be performed in Firenze at Circolo Aurora on september 2nd. Both with Andrea Di Lillo (of legendary Motocicica Tellacci) on drums!

SHASH JIHAT will play in salento in august 2011. Confirmed gigs by now:

21 - La Meria, Polveraia (GR)
22 - Coop Owen S.Giorgio Jonico (TA)
23 - SCALO MERCI festival, Copertino
24 - Torre Lapillo (LE)
25 - iSotterranei (Copertino)
28 - Fermenti, Monteodorisio (CH)


The NIPOZZANZIBARISHE BIG BAND (featuring Scott Rosenberg, Renato Cordovani, Edoardo Ricci, Stefano Bartolini, Andrea Caprara, Francesco di Mauro, Cosimo Boni, Marco Baldini, Filippo Giuffré, Matteo Bennici, Piero Spitilli, WJ Meatball and Jacopo Andreini) condensed the recordings from the august 2010 session in an album of original compositions by Rosenberg and Andreini plus a mesmerizing reinterpretation of a symphonic piece by Charles Mingus. The album could be released soon as T-Shirt with download code, or vinyl.

TSIGOTI after the 4 weeks italian tour recorded 6 new tracks with new-entry bassist Piero Spitilli. The previous album (TheImaginationLiberationFront ThinksAgain), still officially unreleased, is in the hands of Thurston Moore, Nels Cline, Mike Watt, Chris Cutler, Bernard Stollmann to be heard and waiting to be properly released. The band planned another italian tour nov. 24th - dec 12th.
Also a brand new video! check it out on

L'ENFANCE ROUGE just recorded the material for the next two albums in Nipozzano. A trio/quartet album with maroccan qanunist Samir Hammouch with the material they are playing on stage in the last year, including the new quartet material composed with Hammouch and sang by the whole band in arabic; then the pre-production versions of the music for the project with Lotfi Bouchnak to be arranged and recorded in Tunis

ended his new old-school solo album "Cogli Ossi" where he plays all the instruments, to be released by Frigorifero Prod. in september. Raphael Anker on trumpet from swiss-ethiopian band Imperial Tiger Orchestra, Edoardo Ricci on electronics and Piero Spitilli on contrabass are the guests for project. Jacopo's compositions plus Marika Papagika's "Bournovalio" and maroccan traditional "Jahjoukha" (from the Marrakech festival of 1973) are the dishes featured for this release.

A one-time band project just recorded a three days session in Nipozzano: GI GASPARIN (Pangolinorchestra, Else, Gi Napajo) on voice, guitar and rantola orizzontale, TOMAJ (Detriti, Pangolinorchestra) on voice and piano, ANDREA CAPRARA on bass and JACOPO ANDREINI on drums. The free-rock'n'roll music will be released soon by SanGiuseppeRec. At the same time Tomaj recorded a version of Franti's anthem "No Future" with voice and accordion for a tribute compilation to the band.

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