domenica 16 novembre 2014

ACHREF CHARGUI TRIO - many news!!!

Hello everybody, ciao a tutti, salut tout le monde, azul sahbi,
in the last months many things happened to the Trio!
First of all, the new album "Exagéré!" is finally out! released by AfoforoMusicClub on september 11th 2014, it was recorded by Paolo Corsi with big tube microphones and mixed on a boat from Lampedusa to Sfax. The artwork is by the mighty Gigi Fagni. You can get your copy at the shows or order it at

Then a beautiful series of concerts: after the one-shots at Darmstadt (D) and Montreux (CH) the trio played from Lampedusa to Paris, passing from Livorno, Firenze, Siena, Napoli, Latina, Pistoia and Bologna.

During the tour they had the time to start composing material for the new album: here's some videos of the work in progress filmed in Lampedusa, Napoli and Latina. As you can see the new material is going to be even more groovy and rock!

Soumoud: at PortoM, Lampedusa
Interview: at Cacio & Pere, Siena
Relampago Negro: rehearsals in Napoli
Relampago Negro: live in Latina

 The next tour is gonna be in march 2015: if you are interested in booking a show, get in touch with Libero Malatesta as soon as possible!

All the best,
the Afoforo team

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