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PIERO SPITILLI – contrabass

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Achref Chargui and Jacopo Andreini met in Tunis in 2006 during the recording of the new album by the French-Italian-Tunisian band L'ENFANCE ROUGE released as “Trapani – Alq al Waady” and distributed worldwide. Their meetings intensified in the last 3 years, before and after the so-called “Jasmin Revolution” and they wanted to find ways to collaborate musically.
Through the Italian cultural association DRABA and thank to AFOFORO MUSIC CLUB Mr. Chargui was able to come to Italy for the first time and set up several meetings with local musicians and recording session for his debut solo album “NOTES”, released by Afoforomusicclub in may 2013 and digitally available on Bandcamp.
During this first meeting Achref Chargui started also an international project called “No Borders' Music” about his own compositions rooted in traditional Tunisian melodies and rhythms. In addition to this, Mr. Andreini proposed to start a trio with his long time collaborator Piero Spitilli.
Veronica Citi, very active documentary director and photographer, was also invited to be part of the project, filming Mr. Chargui in several exclusive locations and starting documenting both the “No Borders' Music” and trio materials.
The trio played in several italian jazz clubs, further exploring their compositions, their sound and their interplay. Now they are ready to tour extensively through European countries, plus Japan and Brazil in 2014. They have been invited to play in Vevey (next to Montreux, Switzerland) in june 2013.

Achref Chargui's trio music is deeply rooted in both Arabic music and jazz improvisation. The band's ability to compose in real time themes and structures, with any kind of time signatures, shifting tempos, multi-layered patterns and sound research of the acoustical instruments, not to mention the huge knowledge of oriental modes by Mr. Chargui, is unique and precious. Far away from standard approaches to sound and music, the trio's endless research for beauty follows mysterious paths toward unique listening experiences.

Achref Chargui “Notes” (cd, digital download)

Brise, trio rehearsals (Veronica Citi)
Bella Ciao, live in Latina (G.Decinti)

Brise, solo oud, Piazza della Signoria, Firenze (Veronica Citi)

Brise, solo oud, Tunis (Renaud de Foville)

Sotto l'ombra di un bel fior, teaser (Veronica Citi)

L'Enfance Rouge & Lotfi Bouchnak “N'Habbik” rehearsals in Tunis (Veronica Citi and Renaud de Foville)

L'Enfance Rouge & Lotfi Bouchnak “Zena” rehearsals in Tunis (Veronica Citi and Renaud de Foville)

Baro Drom Orkestar "Hora" live in Firenze

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