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Jacopo Andreini plays since the late '80s many instruments, including drums, saxophones, guitar, bass and computer. Started at very young age listening north-african and middleeastern music, adding in his teens metal, punk, jazz, pop and classical music.
He recorded more than 140 albums and played around 1000 concerts in the last 10 years in Italy, Switzerland, France, Euskadi, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and United States.
He was part of Nando meet Corrosion, Bz Bz Ueu, OvO, Ronin, Vialka, E-NEEM, CRAP, Pin Pin Sugar, Pangolinorchestra, Arrington de Dionyso quartet and many many many more bands and ensembles. Collaborated live or recorded for RUNI, Rollerball, Miss Massive Snowflake, I Camillas, Old Time Relijun, Dubital, Bugo and many others.
He now mainly plays with L'Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Jealousy Party, Tsigoti and other ongoing bands and projects.
He led ensembles to play his own compositions and real-time improvisation through conduction in Chicago, Providence, New York, Firenze, Seattle, San Francisco, Dunkerque, Pistoia, Palermo, Pesaro, Briançon.
As improviser he worked with Edoardo Ricci, Eugenio Sanna, Arrington de Dionyso, Mat Pogo, Vincenzo Vasi, Amy Denio, Scott Rosenberg, Thollem McDonas, Roy Paci, Fabio Magistrali, Gino Robair, Eric Leonardson, Aram Shelton, Michel Doneda, Jilali Hassani, Yukka Yilitalo and many many many more.

VERY selected discography (CD, unless noted)
BZ BZ UEU "s/t" 1995 El Borracho
YELLOWCAKE "Inner Space Station" 1997 KK records (UK)
ALICJACOPO --- 8" vinyl 1998 (USA)
BZ BZ UEU / GOD IS MY CO-PILOT 7" vinyl 1998 Musique à la coque
NANDO MEET CORROSION "Do You Nando? Yes I do!"2000 Stereosupremo
BZ BZ UEU "Wozmerigotz" 2000 Wallace
OVO "Assassine" 2001 Bar la Muerte
OVO "Vae Victis" 2002 Bar La Muerte
E-NEEM "Lo Jodel del Segafanciullo" 2002 Burp
RONIN "Ronin EP" 2002 Bar La Muerte
VIALKA "Tonight I show you fuck" 2002 Manufracture (CAN)
ARRINGTON DE DYONISO quartet (CD+VHS) 2002 Wallace rec.
BUGO "Dal Lofai al Cisei" (CD/LP) 2002 Universal
PIN PIN SUGAR "Latex Duellos" 2002 Megaplomb
JACOPO ANDREINI vs '900 vol.1 2002 Frigo/Burp/Bar la Muerte
RUNI "Ipercapnia in Capannone K" 2003 Wallace
OLD TIME RELIJUN "Varieties of Religious experiences" 2003 K records (USA)
RONIN s/t 2004 Ghost Records
ROLLERBALL "Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause" 2005 Silber (USA)
NICOTINA & THE LEGS "Five feet from home" 2005 Burp
JEALOUSY PARTY "Now" 2005 Burp
L'ENFANCE ROUGE "Krsko/Valencia" 2005 Wallace + T-rec (F)
CRAP s/t 2006 Megaplomb/Burp
JACOPO ANDREINI "Bossa storta" 2006 Saravah (F/J)
PANGOLINORCHESTRA "Ex-perimento #5" 2007 Stella*Nera/Idee Nere
JEALOUSY PARTY "Again" 2007 Burp
LA REPUBLIQUE DU SAUVAGE "Constitution" 2007 fromScratch
L'ENFANCE ROUGE "Trapani/Alq al Waady" 2008 Wallace + T-rec (F)
WARISTERRORTERRORISWAR "The brutal reality of modern brutality" 2008 Burp/SanGiuseppe/Edgetone (I/USA)
JEALOUSY PARTY/TALIBAM 10" 2008 Phonometak/Wallace
NORTHPOLE compilation 2009 (MissMassiveSnowflake + dj Faccia di merda) (USA)
SQUARCICATRICI "Squarcicatrici" 2009 Wallace, Burp, SanGiuseppe, Frigorifero, Northpole, Nillacat (I/USA)
TISIGOTI "Private Poverty speaks to the people of the party" 2009 ESP-Disk (USA)
JEALOUSY PARTY "Live" 2010 Burp, Frigorifero, San Giuseppe....
L'ENFANCE ROUGE "Bar-Bari" 2x10" vinyl, Les disques de Plomb, MPOC (F/I)
L'ENFANCE ROUGE "Bar-Bari" 2011, CD, Wallace rec
COCK ESP "Historia de la Musica Cock" 2011, CD Little Mafia (USA)
GI GASPARIN/JACOPO ANDREINI "Desseardore Desseardar" cdr 2012
JACOPO ANDREINI "CogliOssi" cdr 2012

NEXT ALBUMS to be released in 2011
JEALOUSY PARTY "Mercato Centrale"
THOLLEM McDONAS/JACOPO ANDREINI "Flames on the western horizon"

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